Feathers care and additionnal instructions

Most popular areas for feathers in hair:

On the top of the head following your hairline.

Behind the ear, down to the neck so the feathers fall lower in hair.

On the temple or at the edge of your bangs.


Try to hold the feather extension in your hair in several places in order to find your favorite place before installing it down permanently.

Choose an area under thin strand of hair to hide the bead.

Braid a small strand of hair, install the bead and feathers so you have a half-braid/half-feather strand. This will make the feathers look longer in your hair.

When the feathers become low in the hair, the bead can be opened by loosening it with pliers and the feathers can be reinstalled higher with one of the additional beads included in each order.

Feather care:

Feathers are comparable to hair, you can:
wash it, style it, comb it, tie it, flat iron it  and even curl it at low temperature.

They are resistant to pool water, sea, sand and wind.

If you dye your hair, no problem, but insulate the feathers in aluminum foil to protect them before.

If you pay a little attention to your feathers, you can replace them several times in your hair. When its well attached, they can stay for 1 to 3 months, and even longer, depending on how fast your hair grows back. 

How to remove your feathers extension:

Carefully press the bead in the opposite direction to round out the bead, by using small pliers.