Collection: Feathers hair extensions - Bead kit

100% Natural feathers - Quality Hair Salon Feather Extensions - Colorlast.
Premium Genetic Rooster Feathers.

Crimping beads + Threader + Quick installation instructions included.

Hair feathers are an all natural and beautiful way to add interest to your hair without damage. Installed correctly, they will last 1-4 months, sometimes even longer.
Keep your feathers when they fall out and put them back in, so keep the extra beads provided in each order.

The Feathers can be fixed in your hair with the crimping beads included.

For more information about feather extensions care, click here.

Feather extensions - Visual instructions - Crimping beads


1- Separate a thin hair lock;

2- Insert the bead on the folded treader loop;

3- Insert the hair lock in the treader loop, up from the bead as showed on the picture;

4- Slide the bead till it come out of the tool and the hair lock slide in the bead hole;

5- Slide the bead till the hair root, insert the feathers and squeeze the bead with small pinches as showed on the picture

Popular areas are around the layers of hair close to the face and tucked behind the ear. On top of the head, close to your separation and behind the ear, down close to the neck.

Fore more information about feathers care, click here.

Feather extensions - Beads and clips colors chart

Select the right hair color

Different colors available for an invisible fixation.

The clip will easily be concealed under your hair, only the beautifull natural or tainted feathers will be visible.

Clips and beads are available in 3 different colors; blond, brown and black.

Feathers look best when they are under at least 5mm of hair. The top layer will help hide the hair clip.

For more details about Natural Feathers care and how to install them: Click here